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What kills coronavirus? Ozone and Ultraviolet Light.

The issue of what kills (deactivates may be more accurate) coronavirus came up. First, coronavirus is a flu. There are seasons for the flu. In the northern hemisphere flu season is generally from November-March, AKA, the winter months. Dr. Mark Seigel was on Foxnews last night said that several factors contribute to the death of flu viruses including 1) heat; 2) humidity; and 3) lots of UV radiation, i.e., sunlight. That’s why the flu and coronavirus are seasonal.  Remember when people hung their laundry out to dry in the sunlight?  It killed all the viruses, too.  Our cell phones harbor lots of bad bacteria and viruses, but because ultraviolet (UV) light kills viruses, maybe you should get a portable UV light-source to sterilize your phone.  I noticed a cell-phone sterilizer on sale at Walmart the other day in their As Seen on TV section for under $20.

The UV (10-400 nm) part of the Electromagnetic spectrum is broken up into UVA (315-400 nm), UVB (280-315 nm), and UVC (100-280 nm.) For reference, visible light begins at 400 nm. UVC is completely absorbed by the Earth’s Atmosphere. For good reason, it is very bad for human beings. Glass in you house absorbs about 25% of UVB. UVA is closest to visible light, but it’s still unhealthy. The long and short of it UV light kills viruses and bacteria. But it’s not so good for you either, so watch it!

Also, remember Ozone will kill most viruses. If you want to kill viruses in your house, get an ozone machine. But, BE VERY CAREFUL. Ozone is a poison and kills organic life, i.e., plants, cats, dogs, mice, and most importantly, you! Run your ozone machine in your house or room while you’re gone. The ozone will get into every nook and cranny.  Remember: let the air dissipate before re-entering your home or vehicle.  Follow the directions on your ozone machine.

Besides killing viruses, it’s also great for removing odors.

I can recommend the following ozone generator for your house or car: Fuloxtech Mini Ozone Generator.  It’s for personal use, i.e., a room or your car.  Bigger areas need a bigger (commercial) ozone generator.  But this one’s inexpensive and can be charged with a USB.   But, again, follow the directions.  If you use it in your car, leave it in overnight or some other longer period when you’re not in the car.