June 22, 2024
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The Best Remedy for a Lazy Binge-Watching Day

It was supposed to snow a couple of inches yesterday. We waited, and waited and waited. Finally, in the late afternoon we got a dusting of grauple (corn snow.)

OK, so yesterday was a lazy fat day where we sat binge-watching the Smithsonian Channel aerial views of the U.S. Great stuff, mind-numbing, beautiful shots. We learned about a couple of new places to go beside CarHenge and Cadillac Ranch. One place to go is Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark is located 30 minutes south of Oakley, Kansas off of I70 in western Kansas

Not a total loss. 🙂

I ate a bunch of klondike bars, too. Feeling fat, I knew I should do some exercise. I’d done a 10 mile hike on Saturday, so I didn’t feel too bad, but I wanted to get something in because I was feeling slow.

What to do for a quick exercise.

I went outside and did 60 seconds of jump squats. That where you squat down and jump into the air, land and jump up again. Pretty simple; pretty hard.

I do 60 seconds of jump squats followed by 60 seconds of rest. I usually do 10 sets, then do a 5-10 cool-down walk.

It clears my head and makes me feel better. You don’t have to 10 repeats, sometime 2-3 are enough.