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Don’t Take These 5 Supplements After 50

Lots of people live by the Billy Idol adage, “Too much is never enough.” LOL. Too, much of anything can kill you, too.

We’re all crazy for supplements to help with aging, but some are good, some not so. And, too much can definitely be worse than not enough. We’re looking for the Goldilocks amount, you know, just right.

Nonetheless, here are five that men should avoid after the age of 50. Thomas DeLauer presented an extended version on his youtube channel, but here’s the abridged version.

  1. Kava – Kava is supposed to relax you, kinda like alcohol, but just like alcohol, it can damage your liver.
  2. Calcium – You really should get your calcium from your diet, not pills. Having too much calcium can increase the likelihood of you developing kidney stones.
  3. Excessive Vitamin A & E. Anti-oxidants are good, but too much can have a negative effect. 40-50 mg, the amount found in most multi-vitamins is OK. Anti-oxidants take the stress off your mitochondria (the powerhouse in each cell.) But, to keep your mitochondria healthy, they need a bit of stress (mitochondrial biogenesis,) kind of like your muscles. For them to grow and be healthy, they need to be stressed a little bit.
  4. Iron. Don’t take iron unless a Dr. tells you too. Most iron tests just measure the iron in your blood, not the stores you may have. Too much iron creates an environment beneficial to certain pathogens.
  5. Selenium. If you’ve got enough selenium in your diet, taking more apparently pushes you over a threshold and can put you at risk for developing prostate cancer (as much as 91%.)

So, basically, take supplements, but be careful. Too much of the wrong supplement can be just as bad as too little. Especially, the fat soluble supplements.