April 14, 2024
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And the winner is……Me!!

I thought today that I’d start out with some good news. I had several tests done a few weeks ago, including my protein-specific antigen (PSA) to check the status of my prostate gland. I often wondered if it was prostate or prostrate cancer, it really doesn’t matter because in either case, you’re lying down. Anyway, that came back normal!

Reminds me of a conversation I had with a lawyer last year. He knew everything, except that I know everything. I try and keep that to myself, but he was infuriating. He, the lawyer, said, “Everyone get prostate cancer.” Even women, I thought to myself. I laughed. In the end, bright-boy screwed both of us out of $1000 each. I love lawyers. So far, I dodged that bullet.

Nothing is guaranteed except death and taxes. So what I want to do for us with this blog is tip the scales in your favor. That’s what this blog is about. Let’s do everything we can to extend our lives in a quality manner. Actually, I’d like to leave a beautiful corpse. LOL.

The next test was for testosterone. Again, my levels fell in the normal range. Yay! Something is working. But, then again, what is normal? So I went over to HealthLine.com to look it up. For a typical man, my number is normal. That’s good, my exercise regimen and diet appear to be working.

There are advertisements for testosterone boosters, etc. Generally, these are not good for you. The extra testosterone in your bloodstream that you didn’t make yourself has negative effects. First, and foremost, it can shut down the natural testosterone your body produces. If you need extra testosterone, talk to a doctor. Preferably, a sports medicine doctor.

Another test I had was a sonogram of my carotid arteries. Because I have elevated cholesterol Low-Density Lipid (LDL) number; I’ve always had this. Doctors keep prescribing the cure-all drug, Lipitor. I’ve steadfastly refused to take the stuff. During my last visit to my somewhat obese nurse-practitioner, he urged me to get a sonogram of my carotid arteries. Well, I finally did, expecting the worst I opened my results to find, that yes, I have some plaque build-up, but it is minor and doesn’t require attention.

Lastly, I had a check for colorectal cancer. That came back negative, too! The test was pretty easy and didn’t require a colonoscopy. So things are looking up, so to speak. LOL.

I had these tests done by a company called Lifeline Screening because I paid for them myself. It saved me a bunch. If you’re over 60, I’d suggest you get a few of these things done. Just for peace of mind. I feel better.