April 14, 2024
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5 Best Ways to Break a Fast

I know a lot of folks enjoy intermittent fasting for weight control, etc. But did you know that how you break a fast is almost as important as fasting itself? Doing it wrong can negate all the benefits of fasting. Here are five ways to break your fast:

  1. Break your fast with a small meal, that is controlled and high in protein. Then eat a regular meal several hours later.
  2. Eat higher levels of protein to maintain muscle mass. Eat 20-30% of your body weight (kilograms) in grams of protein.
  3. Pay attention to prebiotic fibers (fertilizer for your biome,) i.e., artichoke, asparagus, bak Choi, cabbage, other veggies with prebiotic fibers.
  4. On fasting days, avoid grains. Wheat germ agglutins (WGA), glycoproteins that clump together and cause an inflammatory reaction. Rye, barley, rice, corn, wheat, etc. Gluten-free options OK: sweet potatoes, beets, etc.
  5. Switch your proteins out because it’s good for bacteria diversity in your gut. Try to get protein with saturated fats.

Here’s another good idea, if you’re doing intermittent fasting and you want to exercise. Exercise during the last 1/3 of your fast. This way you’ll burn fat as your primary fuel.